Vitamin C is vital for your body

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an important water-soluble vitamin. That we must daily get into our diet because it cannot be stored in the body.


Grave C vitamin deficiency, which begins with loose teeth and ends with death, is documented from ancient Egypt. The cause was unknown. It was suspected of poisoning, poor food and STDs.

Means for scurvy

During the 16th and 18th century explorations and long trips, sailors died as flies of the disease even though there were many testimonies. Of how it could be prevented and cured with berries, fruits and other things from the plant kingdom. In the 1650s, Culpeper told us that you could do it by drinking decoction on sprouts. New settlers in America learned the same thing from Indians. In 1753, an English marine physician finally reported on his successful lime experiments. Yet it took until 1795 before it became a routine. In the fleet to give the sailors a daily dose of juice. From this comes the nickname limeys in English sailors.

We cannot produce our own vitamin C

But almost all animal species, from insects to mammals, can. We need to get it through diet or supplements. If you compare with our animals. Vitamin C can also be called anti-stress vitamin because when stress is produced 5-20 times more. We would produce people equivalent to 12-14 grams of vitamin C per day. And vitamin C supplements can improve blood pressure, dental health and joints and more. Scientists say millions of people have been diagnosed with vitamin C deficiency worldwide.

Cholesterol and blood pressure

When merging 3 studies with 1272 people. The results indicate that any increase of ascorbic acid with 30 micromoles / L increases the good cholesterol HDL by 3.7-9.5%. And at the same time lowers the bad cholesterol LDL by 4.1% and lowers blood pressure by 1.9-5.5%.

Food Standards Agency

Recommends 75 mg (0.075 grams) per day, which is set to keep scurvy away. But does not correspond to the body’s needs. It is embarrassingly low – and very far from scurvy to have a strong infection defense. Vitamin C is important to counteract premature aging and it promotes the health of bones, collagen tissue, teeth and palate.